JB3D is the name I chose for my hobby company: J(ohan) B(il) 3D.
Drawing on computer differs from drawing on paper. Paper is flat. That is why you can only draw in two dimensions. For instance you draw the floorplan of a house first. Afterwards you draw the different sides. Most people find it hard to imagine how this house looks in our real 3D-world. That’s where computerdrawing comes in.
In programs like Blender3D you can put three dimensions in one drawing. Than you can colour and texture your objects and assign lights in your scene. That’s how a 3Dworld grows. In that world you can take your position and you can see how it looks. That’s the way most pictures on this website were born. My favorite program is Unreal Engine. Amazing software. So is World Machine. Creating those worlds keeps giving me a feeling of happiness! On my Youtube channel you can find several videos.